Why Victoria Beckham's just another frazzled mum

Michelle Davies
Victoria Beckham and baby Harper // Victoria Beckham and baby Harper(Buzz Foto_Rex Features)
Victoria Beckham and baby Harper
The celeb mum went on the school run… and forgot to take her kid with her. MSN Her writer Michelle Davies can more than sympathise.
Any mum - and many dads too - will tell you that trying to get out of the house every morning with your child or children can require the organisational skills of a company CEO, the patience of a UN peacekeeper and a sense of humour only Michael McIntyre could top. It doesn't even need to be a big hiccup that makes the whole process go from flustered to fraught in 60 seconds: a lost shoe, toothpaste squirted all over the bathroom floor, a refusal to put their coat on (my own personal headache). By the time you've reached the nursery front door or school gates, frazzled doesn't come close to describing your mood and you've still got a day's work ahead of you. So how heartening is it to hear that even celebrity mums with their armies of helpers suffer in the morning rush like we do? In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Victoria Beckham admits she got so panicked one morning that she didn't just forget to brush her hair before doing the school run - she forgot her eldest son. "I jumped in my Range Rover, put the car seat in (for daughter Harper), put my iPod on and drove to school. And then I realised I'd left Brooklyn in the kitchen!" she said. "I got down the road, and literally had to turn and drive straight back." Describing herself as "an idiot", Victoria blamed juggling on being distracted by her heavy work schedule. She had a morning of conference calls coming up and often works through the night because of the time difference between Los Angeles, where she lives, and London, where her fashion collection is produced. While I personally don't know any mum so frazzled they'd forget their actual child, I know do know lots who, like Victoria, are so busy juggling a thousand to-do lists they drop the ball sometimes. I did it this past weekend, in fact. I went to visit my parents with my two-and-a-half-year-old and was so rushed trying to send an important work email while getting ready that we were halfway there when I realised I couldn't remember if I'd left the bathroom tap running. I was so worried about it flooding I drove back - and what should have been an hour's trip turned into an exhausting three-hour detour. Slipping up occasionally doesn't make us bad parents though - it makes us human. There are only so many things we can at once and there's also growing evidence that women are under more pressure than ever to juggle work with motherhood. New figures released by the Office for National Statistics show the number of 'inactive' women - those who don't have a job and don't want one - has fallen in the past year as the recession forces them to find jobs to make ends meet. That's a whole new army of school-run mums trying to get out of the door in one piece every morning. So we should go easy on ourselves when we do make mistakes. As long as the balls don't break, dropping the odd one isn't the end of the world. But maybe remember to do a headcount in the car before you set off in the morning...
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