Big budget month day 13: save on music, TV, movies and games

Online catch-up TV is growing at a rate of knots. The BBC has its iPlayer , ITV has the ITV Player , Channel 4 has 4OD and Five has Demand 5 . So there’s no reason to miss the latest episodes of your favourite show. As shows are repeated on TV, they’ll reappear on the players. So there’s no need to spend money on expensive box sets. What's more, if you're not watching live TV online, you don't need a TV licence.
YouTube also has a lot of recent and classic programmes available in its TV Shows section , mostly from the Channel 4 archive.
If you want to watch some classic TV for free, take a look at the likes of Blinkbox and MSN's Video Player , which have vintage shows from The Young Ones to Blue Planet. Blinkbox also offers individual episodes from recent series to stream from £1.89.
Blinkbox also has some free films, although they are hardly blockbusters. However, it does also offer pay-per-view movies that you can stream from 99p, from classics right up to recent titles, and some you can download. But if you want to stream lots of movies and TV programmes, take a look at Lovefilm , which offers unlimited streaming for £4.99 a month, or its new US rival Netflix , which has the same deal for £5.99 a month. You can read about how Lovefilm and Netflix compare in Netflix vs Lovefilm: the cheapest way to watch films .
YouTube has also muscled in on the streaming action, with a films service that has films from 99p for older titles up to £3.49 for recent releases. HMV also offers a service called HMV On-Demand where you can stream movies from 99p and Film4 has the pretty much identical Film4OD .
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