Big stars not returning for Transformers 4



Transformers 4 has been confirmed for a cinema release in 2014, but don't expect to see the franchise's big stars such as Shia LaBeouf or Josh Duhamel returning.


"I don't think anybody's doing it," Josh Duhamel told E! News. I know Shia LaBeouf's not doing it. I don't think Tyrese or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or anybody else is doing it'.


Twitter Transformers fans aren't impressed by the lack of big-name action:


Lauren (@laurenyoungz)

'Tansformers4 without Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel?! No, just no.'


Lee Fazackerley (@LeeFazackerley)

'Shia Labeouf and Josh Duhamel not going to be in Transformers4, any point in actually making the film...'



'Transformers4 ... We Want Shia and Josh for T4 !!! plz make it trend'


Latrice Ventura (@LatriceVentura)

'Transformers4 w/o Shia Labeouff?? Well iguess transformers are DONE.'


the tommo (@UpAllNialler)

'If Josh Duhamel and Shia Labeouf aren't in Transformers4, why even bother to create the movie?'


And the last word should go to this tweeter...


Anthony Crutch (@antcrutch)

'Apparently Transformers4 doesn't have a story yet. I wouldn't hold your breath, we're still waiting on the story for Transformers 1'


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