Ricky Martin wins The Apprentice 2012




Former wrestler Ricky Martin has been named the shock winner of The Apprentice, despite being heavily criticised for his arrogant CV in tonight's final.


Twitter has been commenting on his victory:


Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar)

'Toms a great bloke wish him luck but Ricky was a safer bet'


Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan)
'@Lord_Sugar I doubt Ricky can spell 'recruitment' - which makes him your perfect business partner'


The Apprentice (@TheApprenticeTV)
'Would love to hear Ricky and Lord Sugar doing She Bangs at the wrap party #TheApprentice'


Al Terry (@fudgecrumpet)
'Alan Sugar duets with Ricky Martin. That's Eurovision sorted for next year then.'

Bruce Martin (@BruceMartin)
'Ricky deserved the win but do you *really* need 250k to start a niche recruitment company? #theapprentice'


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