Lembit Opik stretchered from wrestling match


(Image © Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment)

Opik's latest publicity antic backfired somwehat when he made his pro wrestling debut. After the former leading Liberal Democrat, who has attempted a career as a stand up and appeared in a music video, tried his hand at wrestling he probably wished he hadn't as he was battered and thrown around the ring.

St John's Ambulance paramedics had to come to his rescue, much to the delight of the Twitterati.

Gaz Weetman‏@GazWeetman tweeted: 'For all of Lembit Opik's doomed PR stunts, he's probably going to be the only credible Lib Dem left by 2013'

Bob Hudson‏@SAFCBOB asked: 'Lembit Opik stretchered from wrestling match by paramedics - a metaphor for his party's fate?'

Pete Deveson‏@PeteDeveson stated: 'I don't believe in karma, but right now both Joey Barton and Lembit Opik are trending for being punched in the face. Where's Andrew Lansley?'


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