Occupy Hampstead Heath just got serious


Image copyright Camden New JournalAround 15 tents have popped up on Hampstead Heath as part of Occupy London’s newest green space for political discussion, with more tents reportedly on the way.


However, we did laugh when we spotted this picture by the Camden New Journal that is doing the rounds on Twitter with the caption "AMAZING: OCCUPY HAMPSTEAD HEATH JUST GOT SERIOUS".


Twitter users seem bemused at the movement’s latest choice of green space to occupy, with author and journalist India Knight tweeting “isn’t that just called a picnic?”


Indeed one twitter user tweeted “these Occupy movements keep getting more glamorous. Hampstead Heath? I’m joining when they protest on the Cote D'Azur.”


Hampstead’s well-heeled residents and celebrities such as George Michael may not be too pleased to hear about the movement’s appearance in their posh postcode.


The groups are reportedly accusing against the managers – the City of London – of commercialising a public space. However, one Twitter user, ‏@jonronson, has asked 'anyone got a link to what the Occupy Hampstead people are opposing. I go every day and the most I’ve spent is £1 to jump in the pond.'


Picture credit: Camden New Journal.


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'Occupy Hampstead Heath. Really? Isn't that just glamping? Occupy Center Parcs is rumoured to be next.'

Andrew McCormick @andrewmccormick


'I occupy Hampstead Heath every day with some cava in an Evian bottle. S'nice.'
Eve Barlow‏ @Eve_Barlow


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