Nalbandian's 'Cantona' moment costs him final


Image © PA Wire/PA Wire/Press Association Images

There were dramatic scenes at Queen's Club as finalist David Nalbandian was defaulted for unsportsmanlike behaviour.


Nalbandian, a former Wimbledon finalist, missed a shot running out wide. Frustrated, he kicked the advertising hoarding which flew straight into the line judge's leg. The judge was badly hurt with a deep cut to his shin, and the umpirte had no option but to default the Argeninian, who was leading Marin Cilic by a set at the time.


Amid booing and jeering Nalbandian seemed to take umbridge with the ATP for making the players play on wet courts - on the driest day of the tournament.


Twitter was quick to repond.


Coral‏@Coral: 'Here is the Nalbandian kick! Incredible stuff!', while Sky Bet‏@SkyBet added: 'Why was Nalbandian disqualified you ask? Have a gander at this.. Ouch!'

Richard Osley‏@RichardOsley tried to see the fans' side: 'Queen's tennis fans booing and moaning, but they'll love telling how they were there the day Nalbandian battered a line judge.'


And of course there's always one joker: Mark Robinson‏@robboma3: 'BREAKING: Tony Pulis bids £8m for David Nalbandian.'

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