Jimmy Carr faces the music on 8 out of 10 cats




Jimmy Carr faced his 'Angus Deayton moment' as he filmed his panel show 8 out of 10 Cats on the back of his tax controversy which made the news over many days this week.


Unsurprisingly his fellow panellists didn't let him off the hook, but Twitter seems to be giving him respect for taking all the flak:

Scarlett Birchley (@ScarlettB101)

'Lol at jimmy Carr on 8outof10cats "what are the top 5 most talked about things this week" .. Sean Lock:"you!"'


Shaf Choudry (@hashpointfive)

'Very much enjoying watching Jimmy Carr being torn a new one on 8outof10cats.'


John Treaux (@johntreaux)

'Carr's comeuppance on 8outof10cats is great telly. Comedy interrogation. Pay your tax jimmy! #8outof10cats'


Tom Fletcher's Ewok (@TomsEwok)

'jimmycarr absolutely loving this ep of8OutOf10Cats, finding you very endearing and lovely. Very humble x'

Anne (@annejhobson)

'Not an 8outof10cats watcher but worth it for the Jimmy Carr squirming. 'I've got nothing' he says. (Except all of his money of course)'


Adi Whittington (@AdiWhittington)

'8 out of 10 Cats tonight is like the most surreal episode of Question Time ever! Respect to @jimmycarr'



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