Samantha Brick slates Fifty Shades of Grey


Missed Samantha Brick since her 'Women hate me for being beautiful' article in the Daily Mail?

No, thought not... but the ever-controversial journalist has returned to our lives on ITV's This Morning, dissing publishing phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey on account of it being degrading to women.

People on Twitter have been busy laying into the ever-popular Brick::


fiftyshadesuk (@fiftyshadesuk)

@itvthismorning @itv1 @Schofe @hollywills We are all rolling our eyes at Samantha Brick!


sharon walker (@alwaysonthego29)
'lmao Journalist Samantha Brick saying fifty shades of grey is dangerous & ppl could end up in A & E after only reading one book silly woman'


Daniel Fowler (@DanDanFowler)
'Ironic how Samantha Brick says how 50 shades of Grey is degrading to women when she degraded herself by saying every woman is jealous of her'


PhoebeMiller Wedding (@PhoebeWedding)
'Dear @itvthismorning please stop letting Samantha Brick on the show. She never has nor will represent the views of women. #thismorning'


Gi (@Georgia_OKeefe)

Samantha Brick: "I'm not a prude, I live in France."....congratulations?


neil, the baby (@drawkcabilahsti)
'Samantha Brick hates 50 shades of grey because she isnt the main character and therefore thinks the author is jealous of her'

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