Men gather for love of My Little Pony

Lisa Mitchell429

Josiah Tyrrell, of Syracuse, N.Y., is dressed as the character Flam from the My Little Pony (PA)It was a gala decorated with princesses, ponies, pink ribbons and all shades of pastel.  So, of course, the main demographic was fully grown men — "Bronies," as they call themselves.


If you're unfamiliar, they are male fans who love the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Since the groups started gathering for the first BronyCon a year ago, it has gone from 100 guys in a mid-Manhattan room to a staggering 4,000 pony-lovers this weekend, donning sparkly spandex or colorful wigs and dressing as characters like Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.


Though often mischaracterized as weird, feminine or creepily drawn to little girls' things, Bronies are quick to point out it's the creativity of the Flash-animated show (not to be confused with My Little Pony of the 1980s) and its compelling moral themes that keeps them fans.


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