Wet weather sparks 'ark' gags on Twitter


The latest downpours to hit the UK, some of which are forecast to cause serious flooding, have roused Twitter's resident wits to attempt a few ark-based jokes.


Perhaps the most topical - and amusing - so far is this from Peter Smith:

I'm in my Ark. I've got 2 nurses, 2 doctors, 2 teachers, 2 #remploy workers, 2 firemen, 2 cooks, 2 builders. Just told 2 bankers to sod off.

Lee Turton bemoaned:

From Sun tanning to Ark building in 24 hours... The end is nigh people...

While Quatt Cricket Club expressed relief that:

...our new wooden pavilion easily transforms into an ark

Tim Burgess, lead singer of the Charlatans, joined in:

I know those sciencey blokes have kind of proved where we all came from n'that but I'm hedging my bets and building an ark anyway.

As did someone purporting to tweet on behalf of The Sweeney:

In light of all this #rain, the Flying Squad have decided to use Noah's Ark when responding to all future armed robberies.

Several people took the joke further, detailing their efforts at "building" an ark.


Dean Harmer asked:

Does anyone have a Haynes manual with Ark-Building instructions?

While someone called "The Wedding Planner" announced:

If you are looking for me, I'm in the shed building an ark. Selling passenger tickets tru usual outlets, 2 per species.

And Lynnette Leman bemoaned:

Ark building not going to plan. Cannot turn back on rabbits for a second...

Flooding in East Belfast. Image (C) PA.

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