Cotterill sacked by Nottingham Forest

Gavin Allen

It hasn't taken long for the new owners of Nottingham Forest to make their mark.



Manager Steve Cotterill has been sacked just one day after the new regime took charge and speculation is already raging over who will replace him at the City Ground. 


Harry Redknapp is emerging as an early favourite for the job among Forest fans on social media. Here's a taste of what people are saying on Twitter.


@Pooleyten: 'Who will be Nottingham Forest`s new manager i wonder #bigname'


@J__Brammer: 'Harry Redknapp would not be the best option for new Forest manager, but he'd attract some decent signings #nffc'


@hannahforest: 'would he really make the step down from the Premiership? Would money talk?'

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