Fleetwood Mac reunite


(Image © REUTERS)


The guitar band, whose album Rumours was one of the biggest selling records of all time, are to play some concerts next year, but rumours - geddit - that they will play their album in full have not been confirmed.


Twitter was buzzing with tweets about the reunion, but lacking in any real details. However, two weird coincidences did appear from the tweets.


July 12th 1975 was the release date of their first album, which featured the songwriting couple Buckingham & Nicks.


July 12th is also the birthday of Christine McVie, former singer along with Stevie Nicks.


Billboard ‏@billboard: 'Rumours aside, it looks like Fleetwood Mac will actually reunite next year' Rolling Stone‏@RollingStone: 'Fleetwood Mac will reunite next year, says Stevie Nicks'

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