VW to buy Lotus?


Peter Burgess writes



Could it be true? Lotus rarely makes enough money – and too often has lost loads – for its purchase to make financial sense for anyone. Yet there has been a long list of industrial suitors – Toyota and General Motors, then a mysterious Luxembourg holding company that also owned Bugatti, and most recently Proton.


Companies buy Lotus for the halo effect. Lotus is rich in Formula One heritage, and the tiny Norfolk company has made more iconic sports cars than most of these industrial giants have managed together. And in real terms the cost of buying Lotus is peanuts to any of them.


So would Volkswagen be a good fit?  You have to take into account the Tesco effect. Sometime soon the world might get fed up with VW buying up the high street.


Yet even if VW owned Lotus, there would still be dozens of other car manufacturers that, if they chose, could go head to head with a VW-owned Lotus.


In truth, VW has been a benign owner of Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Skoda and SEAT. Only in the last instance have things failed to really work out. Lotus has lots to gain, little to lose here. And are there any other blindingly appealing alternatives to this idea anyway?


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PistonHeads ‏@PistonHeads Will VW get Lotus as part of a bundle deal if it succeeds in buying Proton? http://goo.gl/jWiqc


Dylan Jones‏@DylanJones45 VW buying Proton....that means they get a shot at Lotus too doesn't it??


Gary David Smith‏@garydavidsmith Will VW get Lotus as part of a bundle deal if it buys Proton? http://goo.gl/jWiqc” another brand looses its DNA. Lotus quattro anyone?


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