Australian paper rebrand the Koreans


One thing that history has taught us is that North Korea generally don’t have much of a sense of humour, and even less of one when it comes to a joke at their expense.  However one Australian newspaper has risked the wrath of Kim Jung-Un with their cheeky alteration to the latest Olympic medals table.


Australian newspaper renames North and South Korea naughty and niceNorth and South Korea have been renamed “Naughty” and “Nice” Korea - no prizes for guessing which one's which - by The Mx , Australia’s equivalent of The Metro, in a move that has divided opinion on the Twittersphere where it has become the latest Olympic viral sensation.  


Whilst many found it amusing there were several who were shocked  by it regarding it as crudely racist.


@leighb83: Yeah calling N & S Korea, Naughty Korea and Nice Korea is fine. As long as its fine for them to refer to us as the Dumb, Drunk, Racists.


@partyatgatsbys: I will now and forever refer South Korea as Nice Korea and North Korea as Naughty Korea.


@energyEGGS: I love how these things go viral so fast - N&S Korea referred to as 'Naughty Korea' and 'Nice Korea' in Brisbane Metro.


The paper are keeping quiet over whether or not it’s going to be a permanent feature whilst North Korea have have yet to issue a response. Or nuclear weapons.

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