Volunteers get biggest cheer of the night

Seb Coe's speech towards the end of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games thanked many people but the biggest cheer of the night was reserved for the volunteers, a sentiment that was reflected on Twitter.N/A

@gesmiddleeast commented: "A Fantastic Event! Well Done London! Well Done GB! And a very big well done to all organisors, Staff, volunteers" while @whynotkeegan spoke for many when he wrote: "I on behalf of the world would like to thank all of the volunteers, athletes, coaches and event organisers, truly amazing what they've done",

Similar sentiments were echoed by @xester_biebs, who tweeted: "London N/AOlympics is OVER :( All thanks to the organisers,volunteers & most of all the athletes for putting on a brillant show for us ;)" and @gary ley added: "Thank you to the tens of thousands of volunteerswho gave their time, boundless enthusiasm and good will".

Meanwhile, @goodoldshep summed up the feeling of those in the stadium when he posted: "The stadium never wanted to stop cheering after Coe thanked you volunteers" and @crashmatt showed his appreciation: "All the volunteers on the big screen, ace!"

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