Boris Dancing at closing ceremony

With the much anticipated Spice Girls appearance at the closing ceremony of the Olympics getting the entire stadium up and dancing the camera cut to a shot of Boris Johnson dancing.  Twitter exploded in laughter.

@nataliesoprano tweeted: "Boris Boris Boris. You've got the moves!"N/A

@fred_air added: "Amazing Boris dancing to the spice girls . Best Olympic Moment"

@linzzsmillie shared: "just call him Boris skank, loving life up there to the naughty spice girls #hero"

@kerrymary123 wrote: "Haha, Boris Johnson grooving to the spice girls #closingceremony"

@adelewrightson posted: "Incred dancing from Boris, some ladies in the pub were LOVING IT#ClosingCeremony"

@TheBrownnDogg summed his thoughts of the ceremony: "Should of just given Boris the stage and let him entertain the crowd for 3 hours"

@Clarebalding1 commented: "Have to rewind to Boris throwing those shapes & watch it three times.  Crying with laughter."
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