New Barclays chairman plans review

Asked about the ideal candidate for a chief executive, he told The Sunday Telegraph: "He's a polymath. Leaving aside where he's come from, whether or not he's an investment banker or a retail banker, he needs to be confident of leading in a lateral way. These are well-performing businesses, and we need to be confident that the new leadership at the executive level should be able to straddle both."
Sir David stopped short of suggesting any major change to Barclays' investment banking operations - formerly known as Barclays Capital - and added "my view is that this should continue to be a universal bank".
Sir David has already spoken to Anthony Salz, the former lawyer drafted in to lead a review of the bank's business practices and culture. Linking culture with pay, he said: "There are lots of (pay) arrangements undermining what you think would be good standards of culture."
However he admitted there was a "sense of crisis" around these issues, and said it was necessary to resolve them swiftly.
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