Watchdog considers Warsi's claims

The row broke out when Lady Warsi insisted she made an "appropriate payment" to her friend, Tory official Naweed Khan, who is now one of her aides, for the nights she stayed at the property in Acton, west London. Mr Khan supported her assertion, releasing a statement saying she made a payment each time she stayed. But the property's owner, GP and former Conservative donor Wafik Moustafa, denied receiving any income from either Lady Warsi or Mr Khan.
In a further embarrassment for Lady Warsi, the most senior Muslim politician in Britain, she was forced to admit failing to declare rental income on a London flat in the Lords register of interests. She said the omission was due to "an oversight", adding that she had reported the letting of her Wembley flat in the Register of Ministers' Interests. The arrangement had also been declared to the Cabinet Office and HM Revenue and Customs, she said.
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