Young offenders 'most vulnerable'

Penelope Gibbs, director of the Prison Reform Trust's Out of Trouble programme, said the Keppel unit at Wetherby offered the only specialist unit for particularly vulnerable boys in the country.
"It cannot meet the needs of all the vulnerable boys in this one prison, let alone all those imprisoned in England and Wales," she said. "This poses a challenge to the whole system, and to the appropriateness of imprisoning any under-18 year olds in a prison service establishment."
Michael Spurr, chief executive of the National Offender Management Service, said: "I am pleased that the chief inspector recognises the positive work being done at Wetherby with a challenging population of young people. The governor and her staff are rightly commended for their care and commitment and they will use the recommendations from the report to further improve and develop the work at Wetherby."
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