Playing fields sell-off goes on

The move comes despite a promise by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in the coalition agreement which says they will "support the creation of an annual Olympic-style schools sport event to encourage competitive sport in schools, and we will seek to protect school playing fields."
The DfE insisted that the sell-off of school playing fields will only be agreed if schools' sports needs can continue to be met.
It is understood that the previous Labour government approved the sell off of just over 200 playing fields over 13 years. And an estimated 10,000 were disposed of between 1979 and 1997.
A DfE spokeswoman said: "We will only agree to the sale of school playing fields if the sports and curriculum needs of schools and their neighbouring schools can continue to be met. Sale proceeds must be used to improve sports or education facilities and any new sports facilities must be sustainable for at least 10 years."
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