UN observers enter bombarded town

A car bomb has exploded in Damascus, Syria (AP) // A car bomb has exploded in Damascus, Syria (AP)
A car bomb has exploded in Damascus, Syria (AP)
UN observers have been greeted with smouldering buildings, looted shops, smashed cars and a "strong stench" of death as they entered the nearly deserted Syrian town of Haffa.
This comes a day after Syrian president Bashar Assad's forces overran the location as part of a major offensive to recover rebel-controlled territories.
The observers had been trying to get into the town for a week after fears were raised that a brutal assault by regime forces was under way.
They found the main hospital burned, state buildings and an office of the ruling Baath party in ruins and a corpse lying in the street.
Sausan Ghosheh, a spokeswoman for the UN observers, said: "A strong stench of dead bodies was in the air." She said there was still fighting in some pockets of the mountainous town in the seaside province of Latakia.
The number of casualties was unclear, Ms Ghosheh said, and it appeared likely that, as in the past, bodies had been removed or buried before the UN mission entered the town.
The fighting, now mostly quelled in Haffa, was mirrored in other parts of Syria, where more than 40 civilians and opposition fighters were killed, according to activists, alongside more than a half-dozen Syrian forces personnel.
From the day's early hours, Syrian troops bombarded rebel-held areas with tanks, mortars and helicopters in the central town of Rastan, the Damascus suburb of Douma, the central city of Homs and the northern towns of Anadan and Hreitan, near the Turkish border, the activists said.
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