Fourth day of fighting in Aleppo

Syria warned the international community that it had chemical weapons and would use them in the case of any international aggression. The regime said it would not use them against its own people.
There had been fears that the embattled regime would use chemical weapons as a final desperate measure against the 17-month old rebellion. But the promise not to use them against Syrians was not entirely reassuring because officials have long characterised the rebels as foreign terrorists.
Syria has become increasingly isolated on the international stage, with just regional ally Iran in its corner, as well as Russia and China protecting it from condemnation by the UN Security Council.
Most of its neighbours, however, have become increasingly hostile, including regional powerhouse Turkey. At a political rally Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan predicted the imminent end of the regime. Syrian rebel leaders operate on Turkish soil and arms for the opposition are believed to be entering the country from Turke
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